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  • Aluminum profile processing center. A modern, high-efficiency 4-axle machine made by the leading European manufacturer EMMEGI.
  • Automated cutters for drains and vents for PVC and aluminum windows. Allows complete processing of the left and right parts of the profile through pneumatic positioning of the lower and rear unit.
  • Cremone bolt cutter with a limiting system to the left and right for constant position of the handle.
  • Two-headed welding machine for PVC profiles offering very high-quality welds, especially for colored profiles.
  • Corner crimping press for assembly of aluminum profiles and structures.
  • CNC robot for cleaning the angles after welding of the profiles.
  • A single-headed cutter for cutting out PVC and aluminum profiles.
  • Two-headed cutter for cutting out PVC and aluminum profiles.
  • Steel cutter for processing the steel reinforcement of PVC windows.
  • Automatic screwdriver for fixing the reinforcement to the profile.
  • Cutting machine for glass holders.
  • A rich selection of pneumatic router bits and cleaning tools ensuring the perfect appearance of finished goods.


Capacity: Up to 300 pcs of garage doors and rolling security shutters monthly.

  • Roll forming machine for the manufacture of a new type of lamella for roll-up doors which is completely flat. The technology allows for the production of double lamellas which improve the strength of largeroll-up doors.
  • Roll forming machine for the manufacture of omega guide-characteristic of roll-up doors and rolling security shutters by SAAV.It also manufactures an end element – beam for the said products.
  • Welding equipment kit.
  • Fully equipped fitter department.
  • Press kit for fabrication of ‘pleat’ type rolling security shutters.
  • An installation for polymer powder coating of steel and aluminum materials. Consisting of degreasing tubs, a drying unit, a chamber for electrostatic application of the dye by a powder coating pistol and a furnace with useful volume 6 m. x 1,5m.

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