Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors


Model: ISO 45
Manufacturer: NOVOFERM

The sectional garage door ISO 45 is filled up with a 45 mm core of hard plastic foam which provides high thermal and noise insulation. All sections of the door are made of hot galvanized fine sheet iron and lacquered with atmospheric impact-resistant primer coating based on polyester. Corner cross-beams, lead rails, as well as all door ferrels are also galvanized to avoid rusting so that you can enjoy your door for many years to come. The sectional door ISO 45 is very suitable for furnishing garages with one intact door.

It is available for manufacture for garages up to 5,5 m wide. Good strength is achieved by the extraordinary thickness of the wall – 45 mm – which guarantees high torsional rigidity, optimum thermal insulation and balanced suspension which facilitates easy servicing and maximum safety. In addition to their width and robustness, a Novoferm double garage door is naturally very chic!


  •  Maximum heat insulation provided by a thick 40 mm core of hard plastic foam without FCKW-(thermal insulation factor K = 0.5 W/m2K)
  •  Outer side: polyester – primed and painted white (similar to RAL 9016)
  •  Inner side: polyester – primed and painted grey-white (similar to RAL 9002)


  •  High degree of thermal and sound insulation
  •  Long and useful lifе
  •  Noiseless operation ensured by perfect hardware
  •  Perfect seals along the door ends
  •  The panels are constructed to prevent fingers being trapped or pinched from the outside or the inside when the door is moving
  •  Possibility for embedded and additional doors with the structure and color of the sectional door. The embedded door always opens outward and has a threshold of only 70 mm. Three-side surrounding seals of the additional doors, as well as a specially formed seal with an edge in the area of the threshold, cater for the highest level of sealing and optimum thermal insulation
  •  Easy unlocking with a key
  •  The automation is set up to stop the movement of the door and open it again if there is an obstruction
  •  Rich range of colors from the RAL catalogue, as well as wood imitation Golden Oak for ISO 45 model
  •  The automation is set up to stop the movement of the door and open it again if there is an obstruction

Range of colors


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