Yard gate drives

Yard gate drives


Model: DU.IT14N
Manufacturer: BENINCÀ

Underground electromechanical motor. Unlocking device effective both outside and inside using a personal key. Capable of 180° release. Battery-powered backup power supply.


Model DU.IT14N
  •  Self-locking electromechanical motor
  •  The foundation frame, galvanized or made or stainless steel, helps with the adjustment of the motor during installation. In the event of maintenance it allows replacement without removal of the door
  •  Steel construction makes all elements of the gearing mechanism strong and reliable
  •  Opening time: 20 seconds
  •  Maximum length of the wing: up to 3 m
  •  Motor power supply: 230 Vac
  •  Consumed power: 300W
  •  Operating temperature: -20 to 70 С
Model DU.IT24N
  •  Self-locking electromechanical motor suitable for intensive use
  •  Battery-powered backup power supply
  •  Waterproof electromechanical limit switches for opening and closing
  •  Electrical obstruction sensor
  •  Opening time: 20 seconds
  •  Maximum length of the wing: up to 4 m
  •  Motor power supply: 24 Vdc
  •  Consumed power: 120W
  •  Operating temperature: -20 to 70 С


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