Yard gate drives

Yard gate drives


Model: MBE
Manufacturer: BENINCÀ

Suitable for propelling doors mounted on larger size columns. Available with a control block with embedded receiver. Equipped with an unlocking device with a personal key and prepared for opening with a cable from an external steel-armoured box. Control block СР MBE24 works with one or two 24 Vdc motors and is equipped with a display for programming functions and using the remote control.


Model MBE
  •  Self-locking electromechanical engine with robust hinged shearing arm
  •  Suitable for gates mounted on wide columns
  •  Two electrical limit switches suitable for opening the wings to the front and outwards
  •  Unlocking device with a personal key
  •  Prepared with a cable opening device
  •  Tempered steel metal parts ensure strength and solidity
  •  Opening time: 18 seconds
  •  Maximum length of the wing: up to 2.5 m
  •  Motor power supply: 230 Vаc
  •  Consumed power: 250 W
  •  Operating temperature: -20 to +70 С
Model MBE24
  •  Self-locking electromechanical engine suitable for intensive use with robust hinged shearing arm
  •  Electrical obstruction sensor
  •  Batteries and plate come ready to install
  •  Opening time: 12 seconds
  •  Maximum length of the wing: up to 2.5m
  •  Motor power supply: 24 Vdc
  •  Consumed power: 120W
  •  Operating temperature: -20 to 70 С


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