Roll-up garage doors without heat insulation

Roll-up garage doors without heat insulation


Model: H90 RIB
Manufacturer: SAAV

Made of solid galvanized ribbed steel lamellas with powder polymer coating.

The garage and industrial doors under the SAAV brand are manufactured to meet all regulations and standards and are marked with the EU conformity sign СЕ. Roll-up garage doors have an approval certificate issued by the notable research laboratory the National Building Research Institute – NISI. Since 2006 the company SAAV Ltd has implemented a quality control system ISO 9001:2008 which, together with the CE mark obligatory for all products used in construction within the EU, guarantees the optimum quality of the produced garage doors and ensures customer satisfaction.


  •  Can be made in any color in the RAL catalogue
  •  The option for a pedestrian door next to the roll-up one
  •  Photovoltaic cells
  •  UPS
All roll-up doors are prepared for automation.


  •  The guides are made of reinforced “omega profile” with standard rubber and brush seals which minimises the and facilitates smoother movement
  •  The box is made of smooth galvanized steel 1 mm thick with simple design
  •  Locking for manual roll-ups is made in specially engineered pockets
  •  The balancing mechanism is made using Italian revolvers and springs which guarantees its long-term use
  •  Our motors are made by the Italian leader in drive systems BENINCA and come with a 2-year factory warrant
  •  The termination profile – the beam is made of reinforced galvanized steel 1.5 mm thick
  •  Terminating in the lower part of the beam is effected by a specially developed rubber seal which covers unevenness up to 40 mm
  •  Only polyester dyes are used for outdoor conditions
  •  Rich choice of over 500 colors in stock
All articles come with a 2-year guarantee.


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