Aluminum window shutters

Aluminum window shutters


Manufacturer: SAAV

The window shutters are made of high quality, impact-resistant and atmospheric impact-resistant aluminum material. This guarantees high reliability, perfect functioning, and excellent safety and offers a great variety of colors from the RAL catalogue.

They are offered in two variants:

Aluminum window shutters with static lamellas. These provide optimum sun protection and allow the room to air at the same time thanks to the unobstructed air circulation.

Aluminum window shutters with adjustable lamellas. The rotation of the lamellas around their axis enable the achieves excellent sun protection, while allowing the maximum amount of light into the room, except for direct sunlight, while preserving air circulation to allow the room to air.


  •  High quality, age-resistant and atmospheric impact-resistant aluminum material
  •  Ferrule and accessories manufactured by MACO RUSTICO in Germany
  •  Stable and reliable profile structures
  •  Smooth and easy to maintain surface
  •  Resistant to aggressive industrial and coastal air
  •  Possibility of compact or non-compact filling
  •  Rich range of colors from the RAL catalogue


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