Aluminum system ETEM E68

Aluminum system ETEM E68


Model: Е68
Manufacturer: ETEM

Е68 is an openable system for windows and balcony doors conforming to the strictest requirements for heat insulation, functionality and aesthetics. The specific accessories and seals used in the installation process guarantee good heat insulation.

Е68 is compatible with all façade systems and is optimized to use the most widespread window glazing of up to 48mm. It is suitable for medium and large openings and there is additional sealant in the chamber for interruption of the thermal bridge and features elegant and leveraged design.

The SAAV Company is one of the certified companies in the market working with Е68.


Joinery – Specifications


  •  Excellent heat insulation: Uf from 1,9 to 1,6 W/m2 K
  •  3 types of central sealants
  •  Additional sealants in the chambers for interruption of the thermal bridge
  •  Additional sealant under the window glazing


  •  Elegant design – 68 mm width allowing for triple window glazing
  •  Excellent waterproofing and air permeability
  •  Variety of central sealants
  •  Possibility for installing burglar protection hardware for maximum security


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