Aluminum system Reynaers SlimPatio 68

Aluminum system Reynaers SlimPatio 68

Model: SlimPatio 68
Manufacturer: Reynaers

The sliding system SlimPatio 68 offers the design freedom required to create contemporary living spaces, combining ultimate brightness with maximum comfort.

SlimPatio 68 offers a wide range of opening possibilities, from elements which slide over 2- and 3-rail solutions, allowing you to open up to 6 leaves, over a very slim central closing option of only 74 mm wide, to a single- and double-rail pocket solution that allows you to slide the elements into the wall.

Thanks to the ultra slim design, this sliding window allows maximum natural light and provides optimal panoramic views. The integrated innovative technologies guarantee ultimate performance with regard to wind and water tightness and thermal insulation, meeting the highest standards.



  • Max dimensions (HxW) 2700 x 2300 mm
  • Thermal insulation (Uf) 2.4 W/m²K
  • Water tightness 8A (450 Pa) Min.
  • Maximal vent height 2700 mm
  • Maximal vent weight 250 kg
  • Glass thickness from 24 up to 36 mm
  • Thermal insulation 32 mm and 36 mm fiberglass reinforced polyamide strips


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