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Our story begins!

SAAV commenced its operations at the beginning of 1999 with the production of roll-up industrial and garage doors, roller security shutters, and external roller blinds. It soon became one of the distinctive companies in the sector. Since the beginning, the constant working principle has been to satisfy customer demands. SAAV’s slogan is “YOU ARE SPECIAL FOR US.” Strict compliance with this principle enabled the company to establish itself in the market quickly as a quality manufacturer and a good partner, both for its customers and its partners and suppliers. The multiple references received by SAAV  from a considerable number of private customers and property developers allowed the company to take a leading position in the sector of garage doors and roller security shutters. With its constantly expanding facilities and qualified personnel, the company started working on complex sites of entire residential quarters of luxury apartment houses.


We launched a new production line

After purchasing a line to manufacture PVC and aluminum windows in 2002, the company developed a new manufacturing method in parallel with making rolling doors. As a result of the efforts of the management body and the employees in the office, the company established itself in just a few months in the market windows, proving quality for this new market. The level of quality in this activity is being determined – first and foremost – by the systems chosen for PVC windows. This is done by the German system SALAMANDER and the aluminum system ETEM with its reliability and functionality, characterized by a diversity of profiles and a range of colors.


We became one of the founders of the Bulgarian Doors and Windows Association

In 2004 the company became one of the founders of the Bulgarian Doors and Windows Association. The association is a regular member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


We purchased equipment for a new type of roll-up doors

In 2005 SAAV purchased equipment for the production of a new type of lamella for roll-up doors which are entirely flat. The technology allows for the production of a double lamella as well, which improves the strength of large size of roll-up doors.


We received a quality certificate ISO 9001

On 31 July 2006 SAAV was certified under ISO 9001. This is another step made by the company in its efforts towards continuous improvement of quality and maximum satisfaction of customer needs.


We obtained an ERP system license

At the beginning of 2006, we obtained a license for the implementation of an ERP system to starting coverage of all processes and operations within the company in real time.


The tests of the roll-up garage doors manufactured by SAAV Ltd have been successfully completed

In October 2008, the tests of the roll-up doors manufactured by SAAV were completed. The protocol received by the National Building Research Institute – NISI – for initial product type testing and the production control system made SAAV Ltd holder of the technical conformity mark CE. This has become mandatory for all products used in construction in the territory of the EU since 1 February 2010.


We implemented a GPS system for our vehicles

At the beginning of 2008, in parallel to the expansion of the fleet, a GPS system was implemented for organization and control of mobile groups.


We opened a new production base

At the beginning of May 2009, the new production base of SAAV for the production of windows, roller security shutters, and blinds opened its doors in Lozen near the Trakia Highway. With a production area of 1660 sq.m and warehouse area of 750 sq.m. we developed production conforming to the best European practices.


Registration of the trademark SAAV

By decision of 03.05.2010 by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria the trademark SAAV was registered.


We launched a new hi-tech line for polymer powder coating

Since October 2010 a new hi-tech line for polymer powder coating has been put in operation at the production base of SAAV.


We opened a new showroom

Since October 2010 a new spacious showroom of the company has been open in the Geo Milev Residential Quarter next to Universiada Hall.


We invested in new equipment

2015 was characteristic in terms of investment and equipment oriented to the manufacture of aluminum windows and structures. A corner crimping press, a new two-headed circular saw and a new compression system were been purchased for that purpose.


SAAV received a burglar protection certificate RC2

In January 2016 SAAV obtained burglar protection certificate RC2 in recognition of the burglar resistance of the steel window shutters manufactured by the company.


A new center for aluminum profile processing

Since February 2017 a new center for aluminum profile processing has been put in operation. The high-tech equipment achieves high efficiency in the fabrication of suspended and ventilated facades.



SAAV has a distribution network for rolling security shutters and roll-up doors, covering over 25 large-size companies only in the territory of Sofia and over 60 points of sale.
SAAV is a preferred partner for facades, aluminum windows, and doors in some of the most significant residential projects in the capital of Bulgaria.

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